Mike Filsaime Scam

The Mike Filsaime Scam….

mike filsaime scam

I got very disturbed yesterday when one of my Google Alerts brought up a post titled: Mike Filsaime Scam. When I clicked the link, it actually led to the Warrior Forum which blew me away. However, there was no post there as the forum apparently saw better than to disparage a very successful internet marketer.

Now I realize that many affiliates out there will write posts with scam or review in the title as attention getter’s. What surprised me here was that Google picked it up. Well I decided a post was in order because of my own experience with Mike Filsaime and a product called Affiliate Dot Com.

Yea; a Mike Filsaime Scam

It was earlier this year and I was doing all sorts of stuff online and getting nowhere. I signed up for a 14 day trial of this course by Mike Filsaime. Now I had listened to webinars and researched Mike Filsaime before I would commit to spending my time, energy and money on another product or course. At $97 billed every two months, it was a big nut for me to commit to. I started out impressed and was learning quite a bit when the you know what hit the fan.

My personal life all of a sudden had a couple of serious monkey wrenches thrown into it including a levy on my checking account. I was now dead broke with very little income. I didn’t know how I’d pay my living expenses let alone find basically fifty bucks a month for this course.

I called the customer service number from my PayPal receipt and explained my situation. I had to cancel any future billings and that should not have been a problem. There are absolutely no refunds for amounts already billed and this is pretty typical but I figured that I had nothing to lose by asking. Mike Filsaime’s company blew me away as they refunded what I had previously paid. I don’t know too many people in any business that bend their own rules because of empathy. This experience more than confirmed my suspicion that Mike was a decent guy.

micro model business system


The Affiliate dot com course was a winner as I wound up signing up a month later. Mike has produced many products over the years and I’ve been exposed to a few. His teaching style is great, his technology seems to be more advanced than others in the internet marketing field and prices are very fair.

The Micro Model Business System is truly unique in not only what it does but in many other ways. First off it creates top notch sites with all the bells and whistles. It enables your business to grow as you learn the ropes of what’s going on. It includes teaching by (in my opinion) the best in the business. To top it off it’s dirt cheap! If that wasn’t enough, you can start without investing a penny and play around for two weeks. Watch as Mike has this great product summarized on this webinar:


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